Create VerifiedNFT Credential Card for my Wallet

  • Login with your wallet to initiate VerifiedID Credential Card creation.

  • VerifiedID Credential is created in Microsoft Authenticator. Make sure you have this app installed on your phone.

Tap to open Authenticator on mobile

We currently issue one type of VerifiedID Credential Card.

It is valid for 365 days. It can be renewd at any time. It is free.
This card will provide access to all of our services. Check the Usage Quoats on the different level of access it provides.

  • VerifiedID 365 Card

    Get it for one of your wallets.

  • VerifiedID 365 Cards

    Get it for couple of your wallets.

  • VerifiedID 365 Cards

    Or get it for multiple wallets.


Create NOT VerifiedID Credential Card for any Wallet

  • Don't want or cannot login with your wallet?

    You can create a "NOT VerifiedID Credential Card" for any ETH/Polygon wallet.